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C/C++ Increasing item num size.

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Hello everyone. My question is pretty simple. What would it take to modify the code, or how much actually we would have to work on the source in order to increase the span for number of unique items allowed in the game. By "Unique" I mean "nOriginitem" every number that starts with 1 and up to 999 inside table extension, or create a new subtype. 

example: Currently, we are only able to make xxxxxx001-999

what I have in mind, or how it might be already in newer versions, create a sub type, or increase the size itself. 

sub type : xx_xxxxxx001-999

size : xxxxxx001-9999


Thank you.

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From my understanding subtypes haven’t changed all that much in terms of increasing anything, so I imagine it would be rather difficult to pull off.

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My answer to that probably won’t give you a straight forward answer, but what I can tell from head, that MGames put a lot of though into the item id’s structure. 
Many of these items ids are unfortunately hardcoded to the server (if not the client at newer versions). So, you would probably need to really ask yourself if you want to go that road, as it might need to do a lot of code refactoring and of course have full control on the overall project. Good skills in C++ helps, but not that much when it comes to overall knowledge of the source code. In my opinion It’s just too much hassle to handle all these things through the source and database when this feature is not mandatory. There are always ways to work around these and I think they set this range of id’s with the though that it’s probably enough id’s to have unless you’re using it the wrong way. It might be that there is something that I'm not aware about that is already implemented in the newer versions, so i can say that I'm just answering from the 12xx point of view to avoid confusion.

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Thanks for your answers! I kind of understand. It is like the heart of the code, making a small mistake can do more bad then good, since much newer version take a larger step toward memory usage and that is just the beginning.  However like you said, full control of the project with good c++ understanding it is possible. I've  assumed to get such answer, but just wanted to make sure.  Thanks again.

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