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As discussed in the following topic: 

I've got a TeamSpeak server with 150 slots sorted for us (can be increased based on population).

KO4Life's TeamSpeak address is: ts.ko4life.net or Click Here

*No Port or Password

Additional information: 

  • Community Member Server Group - by default, every user that joins will be a "guest", if you are a community member (registered here on ko4life) please make sure to post your TeamSpeak nickname in this thread or PM either me or one of the admins for a community member perm on our TeamSpeak server.
    • Community Member perm grants you the ability to create private temporary channels (Such a channel deletes automatically once all the users in it leave it, you can recreate it again if you'd like..)
      • It's working this way in order to allow our community members only to enjoy the full potential of this TeamSpeak server, of course, users that are not registered to ko4life.net can still connect and use it but won't receive a member perm unless they register here.
  • Permanent Private & Clan Channels - we will also create permanent channels for active users in our community, contact either me or one of the admins if you would like to have a permanent channel.
  • Server Admins - basically, the forum staff but we can get some more admins in there, if you'd like to apply for a position in our community TeamSpeak server, apply in here: http://ko4life.net/forum/6-staff-applications/ (Grants you a forum group as well, "TeamSpeak Mod/Admin w/e",  so users here will be aware of the fact you can assist them in our TeamSpeak) 
  • How are we going to keep the TeamSpeak up and working? - It's currently running on money I put in myself as the recent forum donations are saved on the side for future community events we're planning on but I do hope to see some donations going in so we can keep it up for some time at least and allow you all use it.
  • The server is hosted in Western Europe - meaning, European users shouldn't have above 20-40 ping which is quite good. I personally get between 55~70 (which is obviously good) in there and I'm connecting from Israel..
  • Available Server Groups
    • Community Member (as mentioned above)
    • Donor (money bag icon, given to donors only)
    • All Knight Online classes (Priest, Warrior, Mage etc. - class icon) -> Basically, tell us which class you play and we'll give you the required icon.
      • Note: one class per user.
    • Possibly additional groups soon.
Feel free to share your thoughts and if you think we should change / add something.
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