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Found 15 results

  1. Resilience is looking for English people human side on Steamko (CYPHER) No lvl require !! But we can help you get a lvl 80 Helping you is my priority WE have Discord come join the family !!!!! LEADER :SweetLily ASSISTANT #1: AureoleOmega ASSISTANT #2 : Syncesta ASSISTANT #3 : NYMPHADORA Clan = ROYAL 5 ATM AngelzAlive = DCZ or Sub Chars = Grade 5 atm
  2. Join us at TITAN KO

    Greetings Knights,Titan is a Free-to-play MMORPG.You can easily reach the max level (85)and achieve unique skills only on titan, farm some items such as TIER swords daggers, mace and shields, and you will be ready to fight in the PVP area Colony Zone all day long!We have some awesome event like CSW, Killing Race, Lunar wars, BDW , Forgotten Temple,Vs Events , Kill Gm Event , Find Gm , Pm Gm , NP/Boss Events.Special event held by the GM Team.You can start with starter rent items that you can rent it 7 days if is your accounts less 30k nps (Best earring - best rings - best belt - best medal).Web site : [Hidden Content] Page : [Hidden Content] : [Hidden Content] topic : [Hidden Content] link : [Hidden Content] Selamlar SovalyelerTitan ücretsiz bir MMORPG dir.maksimum lvl olan 85 e kolayca ulasabilirsiniz,Bir çok degerli itemi kolayca farm edebilir ve PVP b?lgelerine katilmaya hazir olabilirsiniz Colony Zone gibi.CSW, Killing Race, Lunar wars, BDW , Forgotten Temple,Vs Eventleri , Kill Gm Event , Find Gm , Pm Gm , NP/Boss Eventlerigibi birçok eventimiz bulunmaktadir.Ayrica GM Team tarafindan ?zel Eventler yapilmaktadir.Eger 30k'dan az np'ye sahipseniz 1 hafta için oyundaki en iyi takilari kiralayabilirsiniz.Web site : [Hidden Content] Page : [Hidden Content]ler : [Hidden Content] Rehberi : [Hidden Content] link : [Hidden Content]
  3. Greetings Knights,Titan is a Free-to-play MMORPG.You can easily reach the max level (85)and achieve unique skills only on titan, farm some items such as TIER swords daggers, mace and shields, and you will be ready to fight in the PVP area Colony Zone all day long!We have some awesome event like CSW, Killing Race, Lunar wars, BDW , Forgotten Temple,Vs Events , Kill Gm Event , Find Gm , Pm Gm , NP/Boss Events.Special event held by the GM Team.You can start with starter rent items that you can rent it 7 days if is your accounts less 30k nps (Best earring - best rings - best belt - best medal). Web site : [Hidden Content] Page : [Hidden Content] : [Hidden Content] link : [Hidden Content] Thanks for read. =)
  4. Join us on Titan Ko :)

    PANEL: WWW.TITAN.MAXKO.ORG FORUM: WWW.MAXKO-FORUM.INFO DOWNLOAD: ftp://logintitan.maxko.org/Titan.exe REGISTER: [Hidden Content] TEAMSPEAK: TEAMSPEAK.MAXKO.ORG Join us on human side some one wee have room in Ravens for you hope some one pm me ingame guys my nick name [Hidden Content]
  5. FACEBOOK (All İnformation Here) [Hidden Content] SERVER IP : atlantisko.com CLIENT LINK :Atlantis Online OFFİCİAL OPENED : November 11 19:00 (gmt3) ATLANTİS ONLİNE November 11 (GMT+3) 19:00 ONLİNE A ATLANTIS TRAILER VİDEO NEW MAPS DROP RATE We know we've waited you so long and it will be worth the wait new maps, new thrills coming soon-HD Effect: All maps, items and skill effects in the game are converted from Japko to 1299 version.-Free Wings and Scrolls: You can take free wings and scrolls from NPC located in Moradon-Nation transfer, nick change and job change will be done in the game-Boss Mode Event: In this event players are teleported to 'BossMode' maps. During the event some special bosses are summoned at specific time intervals and players can loot PUS and some valued unique items from these bosses.-Dungeon Cave: Other name is Trantula Zone. Money-making methods, killing worms in homeko land or collecting BUS in Ronark land, be a history. Now users can get money and BUS by cutting Tarantula in the Dungeon Cave map.-Iceworld Event: In this event that happens in Iceworld, users will experience the excitement of snowball battle on our new map.-Ardream Event: The Ronark Land map will be closed at certain times, and the Ardream map will be active.-Castle zone: This map prepared for CSW winner clans, CSW winner clans will be able to benefit from this map for 1 week.-VS Arena: In this event, the users will snatch for the prize which they determine, either 1vs1 or ClanvsClan.-Lastman Standing: In our new map, Lastman event is now more exciting!-Deathmatch event: In our new map, you will now only be able to use the DM skill at DM activation.-Ship War: In addition to standard battles, Ship Battle has been integrated into our game.-Forgotten Temple: The FT map used in Japko has been added to our game.-Old BDW-Juraid Montain
  6. Kismet World Online Beta ON ! Download Link : [Hidden Content] Download And Run !
  7. Hello everyone! Syndicate is going to recruit in the server at karus side. We are old players with experience played many servers and looking to be in the top here also. Requriments to join the clan are : 1) Team Speak (No mic needed) 2) Active 3) No drama in clan. Only jokes We always share the drops when we get them, so if you are active and helping clan we will give you the drops. There are some good beta rewards and we will be trying to get them and later in the official there should be better prizes also. Check the server infos here, and you can join our channel on teamspeak - unionko.ts3.cloud Leader : D3stiny Assis1 : BobMarley Assis2 : N/A Assis3 : N/A We already have like 15 members to join on the server.
  8. Dear Ko Players, We are an English Clan on Manes Orcside and looking for some active Players to pk with. We have merged with EngVendetta and are allied with an active TR/ENG Clan. What do you need to join the clan * We’re only accepting people who can speak English * Be active, around 2-4 hours a day and more is always a + * U have to be skilled and know what you’re doing * Teamspeak is a must If u'd like to join please fill in this application. Name: Ingame name: From(GMT): How long have you been playing: Class: Do you have mic: Previous servers / clans: Our clan rules 1. Respect - Be respectful in all ways, some people may have another opinion as you have, don’t blame them for that. 2. Teamspeak - This is a requirement, you must be able to log into ts during any pk and all wars. It is preferred that you are in ts anytime you are on, but only required for pk/war. If you are not in ts, you will have last priority to any parties. 3. Boss drops – We will sell the item and share the money based on the amount of people in the party. Thx for reading and we hope to see you in our clan soon. Ingame: Morded or DimitryELKAZETOV
  9. NaturalBornKillaZ Accreditec Knight Grade 3 Rank 3 On server rankings. English clan on Hellsgarem, Karus Side. Chill and fun clan Requirments to join clan: - Speak & Understand English. - Use Whatsapp - Use Teamspeak Where do i make application? [Hidden Content]
  10. Hello everyone, DeathFromAbove is now recruiting. Please have a look at our requirements. *Applicant must be active ingame. *Level 80 + *Minimum NP donation of 25,000. *User must have discord and be willing to use for wars/pk. *User must be over the age of 18. If you have any questions do not hesitant to to ask. You can apply by sending me a IBM, or you can reach any of the leaders online. Leader - HighRoller CoL - MrAstrophysicist CoL - Tosun CoL -HammerMerchant
  11. What do you need to join?Teamspeak 3 (Cartel.ko4life.net)Need to be a fire mage (Need to have tag)If you wanna be priest (you need to be able to be a skilled healer (against other mage teams) and tag isn't required for priestHave some experience would be a bonus!Have the clan tag = Grande Currently Deciding if we use similar names or not (Molly,Xolly,Wolly) GrandeXolly GrandeMolly ...Orc side!we're currently looking for :MagesPriestyou can reply to the topic[Returned] ApexKO: [Hidden Content]] LunaKO:[Hidden Content]
  12. Hello everyone, DeathValley is currently recruiting for members for both Main clan and Sub clans. As you can see below those are the requirements for both Main and Sub clan. Requirements : Show respect with Clan/Ally members - we will not accept any kind of drama or crap from members. Teamspeak is a must.. . English is a must! In general, We will kick any inactive clan member that didn't log for long period without letting us know and having a specific reason. NP Donating required - 80K NPs Scrolls While PVP is a Must, as long we decided to all scroll up, you must have them in case we will. Show up for CSWS!!!!! no excesses accepted unless its real life issues and even at this case you have to notify us. Levels 80+ (will be 83 soon). If you got any further questions or you want to join us, you can pm one of the following players : Felankor Darius Leviolatore Ragabonz P0THEAD Thank you and have fun :).
  13. We're looking for a few members to pk/farm with, we no longer exp so if you still need to level up don't bother PMing. Some requirements: Lvl 80+ Teamspeak + mic Decent gear (i'd gladly inform you about the server's current state item-wise) Active Trustable (Vouchers needed) Capable of speaking and understanding English. Willing to take criticism, sometimes we can be rude. apologies. Class specific requirements: Warrior: lvl 83 with all skills unlocked. Be familliar with the passion build Priest: Capable of playing buffer and debuffer. Lvl 70 skill unlocked Capable of ''commanding'' in English No idiots that play like byranthebattlepriest are welcome. Mage: Unless you magically get an entire mage team together that i know of will do good, the only way you can join our clan as a mage is playing the support mage role also called ''TP mage''. Pref. skills to be unlocked. Rogue: Strong gear required, need you to assassinate people instead of tickling them. All skills unlocked Understand rogue's playstyle (Supporting party members, knowing when to go in or not etc.) Archers are not welcome. Kurian: Go annoy some other clan, don't even bother pming unless your name is black. Another mention Understanding turkish during PK would be nice, it isn't a requirement but would be nice when we are playing with a turkish clan (happens every now and then). Contact: PM Me on this forums or in-game as ScreameR
  14. Facebook Page | Forum Hello everyone! The requirements may be a little bit different between the two. General Requirements Be able to use Teamspeak during clan activities such as PK, CSW, Wars etc. Be respectful towards members in our clan or alliance. Be mature, don't be a drama queen. If there's anything that bothers you, contact leader(s) and we'll get it sorted. We find ourselves using scrolls (und, AC, speed, attack, red/blue pots as well sometimes) often, make sure you have scrolls during PVP activities. Activity is very important for us if you have an issue in RL or something that prevents you from staying active for a certain period, let us know. We don't take clan hoppers in, don't bother joining us if you're not willing to stick with us for the long run! English is a must! EXP parties = clannies/alliance first! if you have random players to remove from your party in order to open a slot for a clannie/ally member, that's what you'll do! PK parties = the same thing as EXP parties, besides that you could wait with removing someone till his/her scroll ends. (e.g. you want to kick X for adding Y which is a clan member of yours, it would be more appropriate if you waited for X to finish the current scroll before kicking) BadFamily (current leader: Degano/DeganoThePaladin) We're currently focusing on PVP, important events such as clan tournaments, castle siege wars and so on. You can see bellow more specific requirements Your character has to be fully equipped and ready for clan PVP activities (CSW, War, PK) Level 83+ Cospre item (valk, baha, pathos etc.) is a must if you're playing as a melee or archer and PKing. Highly recommend using even if you are a mage or a priest. Skills are required, if you are not an experienced player (or at least not enough for our clan) it'll be a problem. Participating in CSWs is a must unless something happened to you in RL that prevents you from showing up, that's okay! but at least, LET US KNOW! How to join? Well, in order to be added to our clan, you have to apply on our site and get accepted by our clan members. Read the following thread before applying: Application form *MUST READ* - Updated 15th of January 2016 You could also contact the clan leaders (mentioned above) if you're interested in more information or got any questions. Good luck & happy gaming everyone!
  15. Sup guys, We're seeking more English lads to join us on Manes, We're all either at 80, or close to, With some still on 72ish - We're constantly at Paramun, and moving to Titans once the slots open. If you're interested, hit us up here, or PM Crank / BloodAngel ingame - Mainly Manes 3, but we'll relog to M1 to add. We are Karus.