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Found 20 results

  1. Other Selling Elite Rogue Items

  2. Greetings Knights,Titan is a Free-to-play MMORPG.You can easily reach the max level (85)and achieve unique skills only on titan, farm some items such as TIER swords daggers, mace and shields, and you will be ready to fight in the PVP area Colony Zone all day long!We have some awesome event like CSW, Killing Race, Lunar wars, BDW , Forgotten Temple,Vs Events , Kill Gm Event , Find Gm , Pm Gm , NP/Boss Events.Special event held by the GM Team.You can start with starter rent items that you can rent it 7 days if is your accounts less 30k nps (Best earring - best rings - best belt - best medal).Web site : [Hidden Content] Page : [Hidden Content] : [Hidden Content] topic : [Hidden Content] link : [Hidden Content]
  3. Other Concept

    I have been thinking about this concept for quite some time and I am curious everyone's thoughts on it. Create a 12xx private server, have every feature you could imagine functioning but instead of a PUS, you pay a monthly fee and you get everything you could need. We would do seasons, much like LoL and such, every month would be a new season... high class season where high class weapons are available, middle class season where middle class weapons are available, and then low class. Instant level. Make every unique in-game drop at 1%, no matter what it is to make it rarity. Depending on the amount of money brought in? Would depict season prizes. It has been in my head for a bit and I feel it would do very well... possibly even better at a higher version like 2xxx, but would start out at 12xx. Thoughts?
  4. FACEBOOK (All İnformation Here) [Hidden Content] SERVER IP : atlantisko.com CLIENT LINK :Atlantis Online OFFİCİAL OPENED : November 11 19:00 (gmt3) ATLANTİS ONLİNE November 11 (GMT+3) 19:00 ONLİNE A ATLANTIS TRAILER VİDEO NEW MAPS DROP RATE We know we've waited you so long and it will be worth the wait new maps, new thrills coming soon-HD Effect: All maps, items and skill effects in the game are converted from Japko to 1299 version.-Free Wings and Scrolls: You can take free wings and scrolls from NPC located in Moradon-Nation transfer, nick change and job change will be done in the game-Boss Mode Event: In this event players are teleported to 'BossMode' maps. During the event some special bosses are summoned at specific time intervals and players can loot PUS and some valued unique items from these bosses.-Dungeon Cave: Other name is Trantula Zone. Money-making methods, killing worms in homeko land or collecting BUS in Ronark land, be a history. Now users can get money and BUS by cutting Tarantula in the Dungeon Cave map.-Iceworld Event: In this event that happens in Iceworld, users will experience the excitement of snowball battle on our new map.-Ardream Event: The Ronark Land map will be closed at certain times, and the Ardream map will be active.-Castle zone: This map prepared for CSW winner clans, CSW winner clans will be able to benefit from this map for 1 week.-VS Arena: In this event, the users will snatch for the prize which they determine, either 1vs1 or ClanvsClan.-Lastman Standing: In our new map, Lastman event is now more exciting!-Deathmatch event: In our new map, you will now only be able to use the DM skill at DM activation.-Ship War: In addition to standard battles, Ship Battle has been integrated into our game.-Forgotten Temple: The FT map used in Japko has been added to our game.-Old BDW-Juraid Montain
  5. Kismet World Online Beta ON ! Download Link : [Hidden Content] Download And Run !
  6. >>> [KE] Knight Online BETA (October 6) All the Knight Cash that you can get during the beta will be yours in the Official too. Every Month Special rewards to the best 4 players in each nation. (The rewards are secret) * WEB PUS PREVIEW Facebook Events - Enter the draw? 1st Winner: 2000KC 2nd Winner 1500KC 3rd Winner 1000KC 4th Winner 500KC 5th Winner 250KC >> Publication => [Hidden Content] Like this Publication and the Page. Share this Publication (Public) Tag to 5 friends & comment with #ILikeKOToo SOME IN-GAME EVENTS * BORDER DEFENSE WAR *CHAOS * JURAID MOUNTAIN * LUNAR WAR * Super Goals!!! (For all of You) The amount of ((Likes + Comments + Share) / 2) in this Publication will be the starter Knight Cash for all players during the first 7 days of BETA (This Knight Cash can be yours in the Official) >>> Client Links (686.3 MB) > Download (Mega): [Hidden Content] > Download (Drive): [Hidden Content] What are you waiting for? [Hidden Content]
  7. A bug about the number of followers

    In my posts, my follower count says I have 4 follower, as you can see from this one, but in my profile, I only see 1 follower.
  8. Other Selling list

    +11/90 shard +9 wep breaker [sold] +2 ring of life +2 legionnaire band +3 rogue earring +3 cockatrice earring [sold] +1/12dex krowaz rogue set elf belt +3 [sold] Amulet of Dex +3 1x iron neck +0 1x legionnaire bands +0 1x Ring of life +0 2x iron belt +0 [sold] iron belt +1 83 rogue 400k np fll skill WhatsApp me +18074642990
  9. WTS Selling Eagle Eye +11 REVERSE

    Selling eagle eye+11 REVERSE (BEST BOW ON THE SERVER) add me skype [email protected]
  10. Other Selling mage 83 :)

    hey all as Title say's selling female mage 83 Orc with 20 % exp all skillz are open'd He got 725 K nps selling also the Staff Trainer Kate Fulitul +7 Feel free to offer and ask questions. will upload some Pic soon as a proof for u guys tnx and have a good day
  11. yo selling warrior lvl 83 orc side in cr all skill open 10% 170knps paypal or w.u pm
  12. Other SOLD

  13. Other S>>17 GBs 13$

    Selling 17 GBS IN game via paypal 13$ pair gb 15gbs left 2 gb left rappy+8/80 ING or paypal 237 $ SOLD!!! Payment Methods- PayPal for trusted users ONLY.- Buyer pays fees
  14. Other 83 LWL

    Sell 83 lwl Priest Sell 83 lwl Warrior Send me your offer if u are intrested Thanks.
  15. Other S> Mage 80 lwl 9%

    Selling mage 80 lwl 9% cheap
  16. Other Sell GB

  17. Other Sell for real money

    Sell 80 lwl warrior 50%. Server Hellsgarem. Human side. Name Egz3kutor. Send me your offers. Thanks.
  18. Other Sell for real money

    Sell warrior 80 lwl 60%. Server Hellsgarem. Orc side. Name HesperiousSRB. send me your offers. Thanks.
  19. ~Buying List~ Lillime's Earrings +0/1/2 170m a +0? Cockatrice Earrings +0/1/2 400m a +0? AOD +0/1/2/3 160m a +0 Elf Belt +0/1/2/3 idk the price per +0? 100m? +9 / poison weapon breaker +9 priest chitin set (interested in price lol)
  20. Other ScreameR B/S Manes (S> GB 12$)

    Buying: Warrior chitins +8/9 Warrior Chitin Shell pads +8/9 Raptor +9 Amulet of Strength +0/1/2 Opal earring +0/1/2 Ring of Courage +0/1/2 Selling: Gold bars (Stock: 13GB) 12$$$$ Each!