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  1. C/C++ hello again!!

    I second this.
  2. User Groups

    I think this naturally leads to people modifying these community contributions behind closed doors because they are easily available and most people believe they can make something better (more often worse) and sell it (not always the case but seems to be a point that pops up alot). I think the current OpenKO repository is proof against this, at least for KO. People are more inclined to share their work if doing so is rewarded and doesn't result in someone else taking that work and trying to sell it or something like that. Unfortunately this isn't an easy problem to solve but encouraging more and more people to share helps combat this issue. Also when people share their work they shouldn't be paranoid to do so. If people are paranoid that someone else will get credit/money for their hard work we should just do a better job as a community to make people more aware. Granted the English community does not act in isolation and it's hard to get Turkish communities on board with this. This only issue with this is that it's still subjective. Although maybe there is no way around that? Like stated previously we could just pick one or two gate-keepers and problem solved. All and all I think recognizing people for their work is important and somewhat secondary to whether or not a person should contribute. The second part is a much more complicated issue and it isn't clear whether the English community alone can prevent a lot of the shady stuff that goes on. However I believe we can do something to recognize those who take that leap of faith and offer up their hard work knowing others will likely use it however they like. Whether it's a group? or simply a badge? or a list of contributors posted somewhere? That's for us to discuss.
  3. New Logo!

    @twostars @ForcePower @Gilad @onurcanbektas @Kinda @smooth @fr33m4n @Demircivi @JanekBack @osmanx
  4. Running KO more than once on same pc?

    Yeah, I did it for a while and eventually decided it wasn't worth the price. The biggest pain is setting up the merchant mode because it is pretty laggy via remote desktop.
  5. Running KO more than once on same pc?

    I can guarantee you this won't happen. At least in my experience it's never been an issue. I'm not sure about all the other stuff though.
  6. Running KO more than once on same pc?

    Sorry, these are the plans you want. [Hidden Content] They are all 3D accelerated VMs but you have to enable the "High CPU" options which is like an extra 10/15 a month or something (otherwise they will shutdown the VM if CPU load is too high). It is a bit pricey so it's hard to say whether it is really worth it or not.
  7. User Groups

    This is a tough one because people could be working on opposites ends of the spectrum (e.g. developing C++ engine stuff vs. KO web panels, etc.). As a baseline for discussion I say we put together a standardized test for the title developer. As a rough idea (again setting a baseline for discussion here) this test could include two major questions: Determine where in the given file (provide them with file) a modification to the standard KO .n3pmesh format has been made (provide them with .n3pmesh format if they don't already know it) Create a simple web panel which connects to a MySQL database and displays player's ordered by NP points The idea should be that you (a) shouldn't be able to find the answers online and (b) should know more than the basic "Hello World!" type stuff. Again this is a very basic idea and I am curious what other people think.
  8. Running KO more than once on same pc?

    Some like this is also an option. [Hidden Content] Basically like any other VM but has virtualization so it's possible to run KO.
  9. User Groups

    More to this point I (or someone, because I am quite busy) could actually write a platform via Duktape that would allow people to make games using KO assets without knowledge of C/C++, using just Javascript. Getting it to the point where you could make a complete game would take a long long time but for little game-jam like stuff it wouldn't take all that much.
  10. User Groups

    I'm not really sure about this. I'd imagine if we needed additional groups the need would become obvious over time. A simple "developer" group without any levels or anything like that might be a good place to start in order to test the idea and see if it is worth setting up (like beta test the idea basically). For the requirements, I think having a thread (not public) in the private server section for people to privately post their projects and describe why they should be in the group would work. From there @ReesesPieces, @ForcePower, and I can vote and comment to their application with our decisions. That would help in case there is any disagreement between @ReesesPieces, @ForcePower, and I. If you get at least 2 out of the 3 votes then we'll add you. And if you don't make it we'll describe why and what you can add to the project in order to pass, and they can resubmit. Once passed I'll contact them and setup a short time when they can explain their project and what they have learned along the way, etc., and I'll post those interviews for everyone. I think for this it would be better if people recommended others for this and they were given a reward for their contributions. So this would be more of a reward instead of a group. This makes me think of another thing. We could have monthly events for the developers group (like game jams or something). Actually that might not be a bad idea in general, like we could host KO4LIFE game jams. I agree with this, whatever it is it should be simple.
  11. User Groups

    Yeah, and honestly this could be quite a bit of work (depending on how many people are interested) and so having two people work together on this might be best. @ReesesPieces and I can work together on it, I'm fine with that. @Adi: I'm planning to write up a longer response to your other questions tomorrow. Until then I'd like to know what @Gilad, @ForcePower, @onurcanbektas, @Kinda, @smooth, @fr33m4n, @Demircivi , @JanekBack , and anyone else interested think.
  12. User Groups

    I like the idea and I agree that it will help motivate people who want to obtain a title like that. We could even have different "level"s where contributing so much allows you to jump to the next level as a developer and people can see that in your title. This would help motivate people to continuously contribute until they obtain the highest possible level within a title (which should basically be reserved for people like twostars, etc). The hard part about this is clearly defining the requirements for being a developer and the requirements for each of the potential levels. I'm sure people will have differing opinions on what a developer looks like, and that's something we'd need a majority to agree on if there is any chance of this working. The conclusions from such a discussion should be written up and posted along with the announcement of the title, that way people know exactly what is required before they start working towards a title/level. If the requirements aren't well defined we are just going to piss people off and it's going to be a mess. Also there is the problem of verifying that the person actually did they work and they aren't just taking credit for someone else's work. What would be really cool is if I (or whoever) would conduct interviews via Skype with people talking with them about their project and let them explain what they have been working on, and these interviews could be posted publicly for the community to watch (or listen). Obviously if I press a person with questions on how their project works and they have no idea how it works then it's likely they didn't build it themselves, it's a pretty simple test and will prevent people from submitting bullshit because otherwise it will be a bit embarrassing for them. Also this helps set the bar for people because they can listen to previous interviews and get a feel for what is expected of them. It is also important not to set the bar too high or intimidate people, that would defeat the whole point. This shouldn't be some elite group of people who are better than everyone. It should be fun for everyone who wants to be involved! EDIT: Thinking more about it I think a "twostars" level isn't a good idea. All the levels (if we even decide levels are a good idea) should be obtainable within the span of a year at most (I'd say)
  13. Here is one (attached) Haha I love this: Wow this is even better than I remember! Samma is the man jc-chat.txt
  14. I thought those files were in here. If I get a chance I'll try and locate the files on my external drive. It has probably been over 3 years since I had a look myself.
  15. Nice research @Gilad, this site had a few images of MGame's first game lol. I don't think they actually developed this one though.