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  1. WTS Khanjar+7

    Hi, Selling Khanjar+7 Pm me ingame: Spicy or send a pm here
  2. Hello knights, Im new in server hellsgarem, am making a comeback since a few years. I noticed i still have an 83 mage 85% with 300k+ Nps (orc side) in server Rosetta i can log. Maybe there are people who can trade items/gb or $ for this account If intrested pm me.
  3. Trading Mage 83 in Rosetta

    Hello knights, Don't know if this forum still active, but i have a mage (orc side) in Rosetta server. 83 level 85% over 300k+ Nps and all quest undone so easy rebirth. It's naked and there is just 1 side char, a 59 mage. i can also sell in CR if you want? I would like $ for it or item/gb in Steamko Hellsgarem server since i started there. Pm here