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  1. Support should be one of the most important criteria for customers when deciding on a server host. MAXKO understands that everyone has different levels of technical expertise when it comes to building dedicate server and we ensure that every customer is met at their level. If you need more help, we'll be glad to give it. CHECK US NOW ! [Hidden Content]
  2. count me in really good server
  3. We have alot of english Gms as Breezy-BitShift-GM_Veteran which online most of the time Greeting,GM_Veteran.
  4. TitanKO Light Farm/PK

    The Facebook Like/Share/Comment Event is now ACTIVE!To participate: 1-Like our Facebook Page & our post in Facebook Page 2-Share this post 3-Post a comment in this post with your account ID and Char Name. 4-Tag 3 Friends We will roll the dice and pick up the 3 winners by their post number using this : [Hidden Content] Reward is going to be (1st winner 500 kc) (2nd winner 350 kc) (3rd winner 250 kc) Event ends on 30st-April- 2017Good Luck everyone!
  5. TitanKO Light Farm/PK

    Hello Dear Users/Players we're currently looking for one Forum Moderator in Turkish section for our Forum and capable of keeping this forum active with English/Turkish languages, I think you have already questions in mind... What requirements must be met to be on the team? What I need to do?.. and more..It's very simple., read first and then answer following questions seriously Please read requirements listed below carefully. Your job as a Section Moderator is To control the section you are moderating wisely. To make sure all the Forum Rules are also applied in that specific section. To not allow players to use slang in their own language sections. You must know English. At least 18 years old. At least a year of game experience. Ability to communicate with users in a professional and mature manner. Ability to work well in a team Knowledgeable about game mechanics. Willingness to learn. Ability to work efficiently and be reliable. Help users who don't speak English with their problems in their own languages. Have and use a skype account. Learning the job from an experienced staff member before you are expected to maintain weekly goals. Getting to know the rest of the support staff and learning how to enforce chat/forum rules. You will be given additional rights for the forum, the chat and the support software. Your application should contain the following: How old are you? What languages do you know and speak? Your English Level? (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) How many hours are you online on a daily basis? How long have you been playing MaxKO/Titan? What country do you live in? Have you previous experience in Support/Moderation from another game? Why do you want to join the support staff team? Please fill the form below and we will choose 1 Forum Moderators for Turkish Section: And please write as much as you can in the 2 questions below: What would you do to help the server if you became a Forum Moderator? If your friend got banned unfairly by another staff member and he comes complaining to you, what would you do? This Nominations will be closed on Tuesday April 18, 2017 Good Luck! FM TOPIC
  6. TitanKO Light Farm/PK

    Good Luck at Killing Race event guys and Don't forget to Join Kill The GM Event !!
  7. TitanKO Light Farm/PK

    i'd like to announce that there is an event of killing a gm will on Next Thursday (23-3-2017) 19:00 server time So i hope every one will join with us.
  8. Syndicate [UnitedKO]

    still playing ?
  9. TitanKO Light Farm/PK

    i'd like to announce that there is an event of killing a gm will on Next Thursday (23-3-2017) 19:00 server time So i hope every one will join with us.
  10. TitanKO Light Farm/PK

    Fellow Knight's, I Would like to announce that 'Wheel Spin NPC [Karus]' and 'Wheel Spin NPC [ElMorad]' are working now and you can find them at Cz town. You can play turn at 'Wheel Spin Npc' by using 'Spin Voucher' that you can find it's drop in 'Dead Shadow'. Things that spin may stop on them -Class Change Rest -Nation Transfer Rest -Silver Bar -Silver Bar -Gold Bar -Hero Part Certificate -Trina Piece -Premium Accessory Compound Scroll -5 Knight Cash Voucher -Bless upgrade scroll -XP Coin -Earn 1K Nps -Earn 1K Nps -Lost 1K Nps -Lost 1K Nps -Lost Turn -Water of favors -Water of favors -Potion of Soul -Potion of wisdom Good Luck Knight's Greeting, MaxKO Team
  11. TitanKO Light Farm/PK

  12. United PVP

    Good Luck Knight's
  13. hey , could you advise me to fxi this issue : PVgFpA4.png