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  1. Basic Informations:Version: 1299Type: Light Farm/PVPLevel Cap: 72Master/Skill: Requirement QuestMax Upgrade: +8/+1Server Features:- Border Defense War- Juraid Mountain- Forgotten Temple- Bifrost- Death Match- Boss Ardream War- Classic War- CSWHelpful Links:- All Server Changes/Updates- Power Up Store- Drop List- Item Quest- Upgrade Rates- EXP Quest### Official Release ###Date: 16.03.2018 Time: 6 PM GMT+120:00 TR - 12:00 PERU - 18:00 PLStarting Level: 1Starting Gear: Good medium equipmentPower Up Store: Avaiable from the beginningDay 1 [Max Level 72] Master OpenFirst user which reach 100.000 National Points Win 3.000 Knight Cash### BETA Release ###Date: 13.03.2018 Time: 6 PM GMT+120:00 TR - 12:00 PERU - 18:00 PLPower Up Store Free for AllEverything else same as OfficialServer Changes/Updates - ClickFor more informations check our forum. Annoucement & Guide sections there you can find everything with specific explainations.See you & Get some funProject-KO Team
  2. Hello, you can download Official Client here: [Hidden Content] must download this one! Win10 Fixed
  3. BETA has ended. Thanks everyone for participation ! See you on Official at 09.02.2018 Time: 19:00 GMT+1
  4. BETA Starts in 2hours!Addons on Beta:- Chaos Stone respawn time reduced- Online user earn 20mln coins every 5minutes- Online user earn 300k EXP every 5minutes - Automatic Master Quest - 100% EXP Event whole BETA - Power Up Store Free for all
  5. Share event has started!Like,Share and Tag 3 friends until 08.02.02185 Random users win 1.000 Knight CashWinners will be announced 09.02.2018
  6. Hello everyone! You can download the game now!Link: [Hidden Content] Starts in less than 48hours
  7. Hello everyone! BETA Server starts in 7days!Join our community and win nice rewards!Get ready and dont miss it!Website: [Hidden Content]: [Hidden Content] a great weekend