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  1. C/C++ Increasing item num size.

    Thanks for your answers! I kind of understand. It is like the heart of the code, making a small mistake can do more bad then good, since much newer version take a larger step toward memory usage and that is just the beginning. However like you said, full control of the project with good c++ understanding it is possible. I've assumed to get such answer, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone. My question is pretty simple. What would it take to modify the code, or how much actually we would have to work on the source in order to increase the span for number of unique items allowed in the game. By "Unique" I mean "nOriginitem" every number that starts with 1 and up to 999 inside table extension, or create a new subtype. example: Currently, we are only able to make xxxxxx001-999 what I have in mind, or how it might be already in newer versions, create a sub type, or increase the size itself. sub type : xx_xxxxxx001-999 size : xxxxxx001-9999 Thank you.
  3. ⭐️Global Knight Online 1299

    Official will start about 5 hours. I can nnounce that server is ready and we will open registration soon. Will also announce that. Hope to see everyone online