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  1. Elder Scrolls Online

    Added you. Oddly enough I'm also currently playing in Aldmeri Dominion Well im not 100% sure about everything but as i've browsed reddit it appears its good idea to craft since you can indeed craft all the sets in future. But whats intresting is that i'm rly behind in crafting on this char, gotta bump up those numbers in near future. Dungeons are actually really fun, not all of the bosses are difficult but the first time I saw dragon in a dungeon it gave me that happy feeling :c
  2. Elder Scrolls Online

    Dungeons are fun. Mobs scale for your level so you will never have those "easy" monsters and they are fairly strong but not strong enough to struggle. And ye, redguard is okayish, imperial is okayish. bosmer and khajit are best for stamine atm. Specially with khajit racial perks reworked.
  3. Elder Scrolls Online

    Been playing ESO for 2 weeks now aswell. So far so good, i've done a little pk. But PvE part is real fun. At first I had Nord at Aldmeri dominion, but the more i learned about game the more i knew that nord is a shitty nightblade so I made khajit instead. It is easy to reach lvl 50 per say but reaching hero levels (high 500's) is kinda difficult. I opted for thieves guild and undaunted, tho I might go for fighters guild just for persuasion playing stamina based nightblade (dual wield + bow) and lycantrophy.
  4. From hes perspective borrowing to buy an item he needed, tho without letting me know. From my perspective stealing, as I was not notified of the action.
  5. i dont know man, dota seems like a lot of fun now so its okay
  6. Yeah, fun thing is, you still havent even tried to return my items. But its k i guess.
  7. New forum, new beginning

    Actually this seems pretty cool, that it notifys your via email if you have notify enabled. thats pretty nice =)
  8. New forum, new beginning

    It seems great so far. Tho I dont rly like the color scheme, its a little too dark for me. Maybe option for switching to lighter one, as personal customization?