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  1. Approved Community TeamSpeak server

    Teamspeak>discord any time, anyways im up for it.
  2. Justin Crawford - Trippy - Animosity/FinalLegacy

    i called paypal today, got a strong case.
  3. Guy called Justin Crawford, in-game name Trippy and he played with Dylan and all the other finallegacy and animosity players, he wanted to buy GB's on Manes, i sold him the GB's he sent me the money. now this week he decided to charge me back, case is still pending. Idk his K4L information as i never spoke to him on K4L. 162,13 EUR chargeback Screenshot of the charge back: [Hidden Content] facebook of the retard: [Hidden Content] when i messaged him on facebook he decided to block me, idk why facebook didn't safe my chat history with this fag on the day we traded, but whatever. [Hidden Content] be warned!
  4. WTB Looking to get back into KO

    Manes is good, just keep in mind USKO servers tend to grow fast in terms of items, there's a lot of strong geared people out there. If you got either the time or the money to get your character some good gear, then sure as hell give it a shot good luck.
  5. Knight Online (Sea/My) v1534

    i remember i played it once, would've tried it again. but i liked it more when it was an oldschool real MYKO server. for me it always is either the old version, or the newest most updated one (untill darkness weapon expansion), that's the kind i enjoy the most. everything inbetween feels ''undone'' for me. sad to see the server changed.
  6. Knight Online (Sea/My) v1534

    Wasn't this server once a pure MYKO server? Or am i mistaken and confused with a different one?
  7. Elder Scrolls Online

    I personally am not bothered with the PvE scene that much, i'm looking forward to farm the dungeons to gather the best gear i possibly can get, i gotta admit the bosses to fight are spectacular and sometimes difficult to beat. Teamwork indeed is neccessary for the higher ones. Still busy getting to 600 CP tho. do you also research and craft? I've read somewhere it should be possible to create top-gear if you visit special crafting places? Anyway my researches are always going! Btw, you can add me i'm playing on the EU megaserver in Aldmeri Dominion, and i guess you should be able to add me under the name @robinjuh so we can play together sometime, playing a magicka sorcerer as high elf.
  8. Elder Scrolls Online

    I think the 4 best races for stamina nightblade would be redguard, imperial, woodelf and indeed khajiit. How come you like the PvE so much? I just achieved lvl 10 fighter's guild and so i'm now able to use Dawnbreaker, op as fuck!
  9. Some funny isiloon fight in ApexKO

    which is also the reason i asked him about being confused, we indeed are talking about 2 different guys with the same name.
  10. Elder Scrolls Online

    This is the build i've been trying to build myself, played by a really good player called Sypher PK, he sadly stopped playing ESO untill Morrowind launches, hopefully we'll be able to see more of him then. This video is recorded in ESO's PVP zone called Cyrodil.
  11. Elder Scrolls Online

    PVP is considered open-world PVP, but not entirely open world PVP. apart of being able to challenge eachother for a 1v1 duel anywhere on the map Cyrodil is the place to go to basicly Colony Zone in KO, instead there's 3 bases rather than 2. I've barely played it myself yet as i am not strong enough yet to compete with the ''big boys'' but i'm making my way there. I've been watching streams on twitch lately when i had the time and it really looked entertaining to me, also because it's so heavily skill based, fast paced and to me it feels really rewarding whenever you kill someone. Some streams i recommend you to watch: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Also a lot of streamers tend to be solo PVPing, and also i've seen alot of group PVP with the right build i believe anything is possible in PVP, as long as you know what you're doing P.S. most of the streamers lately feel like battlegrounds which will be released in Morrowind will be the competitive/ranking PVP. I myself am really looking forward to this.
  12. Elder Scrolls Online

    I played for the past week, not past year. and yes these are called DLC's, Dark brotherhood, thieves guild, mage guild, fighter's guild are all there. It's basicly extra zones, extra questlines to follow, extra gear and cosmetics based on the type of guild you play on. Some use those DLC's for gold farm purposes to obtain better gear, some use it to obtain the good looking armors. And last but not least, i for example am a member of the Mage's guild and the fighter's guild and i'm obtaining extra skills that i can use in combat, some skills require you to be a high level in the guild to obtain. hopefully i answered your question let me know if there's anything else
  13. Some funny isiloon fight in ApexKO

    whatsup with dridnock? i think you might be confused with the name, dridnock is far from noob imo
  14. Elder Scrolls Online

    you sure as hell need a good setup to run this game on the higher settings. but it looks stunning when u do.
  15. Elder Scrolls Online

    Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) with a huge population, insane graphics and even a KO matching PVP system (in terms of spectacular effects, fast paced combat and last but not least heavy damages!) I've been playing this game for the past week daily and really had a lot of fun playing it. Morrowind is the upcoming expansion at 6.6.2017, which will include 4v4v4 Battlegrounds. 4v4v4 basicly means 3 teams against eachother. Upon creating your character you get to decide what faction you'd like to play in, the entire playerbase is divided in 3 factions, and each faction with it's own races. (In KO you have Karus and Elmorad) in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) you can choose from: Daggerfall covenant: The Daggerfall covenant includes the races Breton, Redguard and Orsimer (Orc). Ebonheart Pact: The Ebonheart Pact includes the races Nord, Dunmer (Dark elf) and Argonian. Aldmeri Dominion: The Aldmeri Dominion includes the races Altmer (High elf), Bosmer (Wood elf) and Khajiit. The game is indeed Buy 2 Play, but doesn't require any monthly subscription or any other payment at all. Each race has a various amount of classes you can play, such as Dragon Knight, Sorcerer, Night Blade and Templars. Later on if i'm not mistaken there's gonna be another class released in Morrowind's expansion called the Warden. Classes and races matter alot in which kind of build you'd like to follow and i suggest you to do some research before creating one. There's alot different kinds of playstyles and builds to play your character as and it sure as hell keeps on surprising me on how creative players are with their own unique builds. Join in on the fun, and check it out at: [Hidden Content] Feel free to ask me questions about the game, keep in mind i'm also a pretty new player in the game but already did my fair amount of exploring and research on how the game is supposed to be played