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  1. TitanMaxKO

    Moved to the right section & removed non English content. Next time please make sure to post in the right section and post in English only. Thanks.
  2. Pedal / Macro question

    Well, as I said earlier, as long as there's no solid proof of you using a pedal or macro of some sort, there's nothing to be worried about. Worst case scenario, you get blocked and then unblocked due to lack of evidence, but I highly doubt it'll happen anyway. With that being said, it's true that many players were blocked wrongfully, I've been a witness of a few cases myself but at the end of the day, they all got unblocked so I wouldn't worry too much as long as there's nothing that would indicate that you're indeed using it.
  3. Pedal / Macro question

    It's true that technically speaking it's most likely possible but you'd be surprised how powerless GMs at official versions are when it comes to such subjects, not much they can do without an actual evidence. Xigncode might be able to detect what software you have running but when it comes to hardware, I think only in SteamKO it's possible to somewhat do something against it. For instance, when TPT users get blocked at STKO they don't just get blocked, their mac address get blocked as well but it's network's card mac address, meaning it could be easily changed. I don't recall someone getting blocked through MAC address at USKO, with that being said, I did a small research and couldn't find anything that would actually backup that topic, they say they will punish users who use it but without any evidence, not much they can do, or at least, should do.
  4. Happy New Year!

    I would like to wish you all a happy new year from me and the rest of the staff, May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your families! Adi.
  5. Pedal / Macro question

    Well, I'm no longer lurking around official forums as much so I have no idea whether this topic should be taken seriously or not, but, usually, there's at least one staff member who would get involved in such punishments when there's no evidence behind it. Speaking from experience, it's not always easy to reach the right person but I don't think you should be worried about getting banned if you're not using it, or if you are but there's no way to prove that you're actually using it.
  6. Pedal / Macro question

    Well, technically speaking, the only way to be completely sure you're using pedal/macro is to catch a video of you showing it (e.g. your own pk video) or by collecting an evidence where you admit using it. NTTGame can't tell what your USB mouse does for you (same thing applies on a pedal) but they can detect which softwares you have running in the background. For instance, Logitech Gaming Software, which is not necessarily meant for macro but you can also set macros for your gaming keyboard/mice (as long as it's supported and compatible), they can only assume you're using it for setting macro, they can't see your actual settings. With that being said, based on my experience, many of these blockages/punishments are based on the acting GM's discretion. On one hand, a GM could give you the benefit of the doubt and don't act unless he has a solid proof of you using it and on another hand, he could be throwing users to jail / block them just because he's "sure" you're using it.
  7. Join us at TITAN KO

    When advertising a private server, make sure to post under Private Server section and also, remember to post in English only. Locked.
  8. Recent website&teamspeak downtime

    Fixed. It's been 4days total, meaning you'll get back the 4days + an additional 4 days on top of that as a compensation for the downtime.
  9. Recent website&teamspeak downtime

    The server address is k4l.badfamily.net I'm currently connected, either pm me there or pm me through forums and I'll create you a private channel with your own password.
  10. We're currently having issues with our hosting (they're planning on stopping their service), with that being said, we're forced to transfer to a different hosting. Our website should be completely working for everybody now -- let me know if anyone is encountering any technical issue. As for the Teamspeak servers provided through donations are still running but can't be accessed due to the fact I can't set our domain's DNS right now. I could provide an actual IPs and not hostnames but that might compromise your server's security in future, with that being said, we'll be compensating with double the downtime you're going to experience (2 days now, meaning you'll get 4 days, and I believe we might have another day till it's all up and running as it was before) I'm going to sort a temporary teamspeak server until it's all solved and there, provide you with a private channel if you'd like (pm me) * I'll update this topic with info as soon as I get it sorted. Apologies for the inconvenience ~! - Adi
  11. Some minor updates but important and effective, but, first! I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas from me and the rest of the staff, we're hoping you're having a great time [A new usergroup] As suggested previously by @ReesesPieces, a new usergroup exclusively for Knight Online Developers - KODev. Users which are recognized as Developers will be moved to this usergroup. @ReesesPieces @BitShift are the two users which will determine whether someone is an actual developer or not, once someone is recognized as a developer, he'll be moved to that user group. Either contact them or me and we'll go ahead and give you a KODev usergroup if you're indeed recognized as a developer by the development community. [New Forums] - under Private Server Development: Exclusive Releases: Users who carry the 'KODev' title will be able to release content they believe should be available to donors and other fellow developers within this section. Only KODevs and donors can access this section but only KODevs can post topics, donors can only reply on content. Exclusive Support: meant to offer support exclusively to donors. *This topic might be updated again by the end of the month with additional updates/changes. -Adi
  12. I like this idea but keep in mind that if the server would be as hard as official versions, new users would probably prefer spending their time in official versions instead. Besides, I think there are several servers offering the same thing, I suggest you think of something that would make your server unique compared to other's. Just some food for thought Good luck~!
  13. A bit confused, is the server still running? I remember seeing a post by @ReesesPieces where he said that the server is no longer working and owner disappeared?
  14. Snoxd.net Discord

    I think most of what's left from the users who used to frequently visit snoxd are watching k4l, unsure if a discord server would help or make anyone any more active. I believe more content being posted in this section and more devs / anyone that's into private servers put a word out there about our community will definitely help with the activity, possibly help with making an active discord server as well, although I find teamspeak a lot more useful when it comes to VOIP.