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    Been kinda working with him on it... an update on it all. He is using pre-packed binaries, but all from different Turkish “developers” do some communicate and some don’t. He was also running two stars dupe scanner along side the item manager and I believe this was causing an issue as well. Seems to be running somewhat fine with the new setup which was just me removing the item manager and adding Twos billing server.
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    He’s using “1331” or 1.311 and I believe this throws out that “error” if you have less than 10 users in the game, is it causing your ebenezer to crash? As Gilad said, need a bit more information.
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    You probably want to add more details to your question if you want to get a proper answer, such as telling us which sources are you using ? or are you using the binaries(released files)? if so, then from which topic you downloaded them? If you have sources, then you should just do advance search in Visual Studio (CTRL + SHIFT + F) and select the "Entire Solution" option and then search for the log message: "#### RefreshSidList - re" and see what the code does. If you can't really read the code, paste the code here and we can probably answer to you why these log messages appear in your ebenezer.log. P.S: This log message is terrible... It should definitely have more concrete information whoever implemented this. Sid can be many things, I'm just guessing it could be related to monsters or npcs tables being loaded as they normally use in the database sSid for defining the monsters and npcs id's.
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    My answer to that probably won’t give you a straight forward answer, but what I can tell from head, that MGames put a lot of though into the item id’s structure. Many of these items ids are unfortunately hardcoded to the server (if not the client at newer versions). So, you would probably need to really ask yourself if you want to go that road, as it might need to do a lot of code refactoring and of course have full control on the overall project. Good skills in C++ helps, but not that much when it comes to overall knowledge of the source code. In my opinion It’s just too much hassle to handle all these things through the source and database when this feature is not mandatory. There are always ways to work around these and I think they set this range of id’s with the though that it’s probably enough id’s to have unless you’re using it the wrong way. It might be that there is something that I'm not aware about that is already implemented in the newer versions, so i can say that I'm just answering from the 12xx point of view to avoid confusion.
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    Nice research @Gilad, this site had a few images of MGame's first game lol. I don't think they actually developed this one though.
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    After doing some research, I found out some interesting information. From what I can tell now, it seem as the source code was definitely hacked by someone and not leaked as most of us think or heard. MGame are working officially since 1999.12 as a game developer company, but their official name from 1999.12 till 2003.04 was “WizGate Coroporation, .LTD” and then in 2003.04 they renamed it to MGame. Samma Park who’s the project leader of WizGate Corporation, .Ltd of the developer team at the time, was responsible for most of the things as we can see his signatures everywhere on the source code, database stored procedures and scripts. KnightOnline History Timeline: 2002.06 – Made an export contract to Taiwan. 2002.07 – Launched in Korea. 2002.11 – Made an export contract to China. 2002.12 - Launched in Taiwan. 2002.12 – Made an export contract to Japan. 2003.01 – Launched in China. 2003.08 – Launched in Japan. 2003.11 – Made an export contract to USA. 2003.11 – Made an export contract to South East Asia. 2004.08 – Launched in USA. 2009.06 – Made an extension contract to USA. 2009.06 – Made an extension contract to Turkey. 2010.10 – Made an export contract to Taiwan. 2011.04 – Launched in Taiwan. 2011.11 – Launched in Europe. It seem as KnightOnline released for the first time in Korea 2002.07 and it was probably the beta version and the company who launched it were the actual Korean developers without any contracts involving other companies. The first contract was made to Taiwan in 2002.06 before the actual Korean developers launched the game for the first time and they realized how many bugs and problems they had to fix. All the stress in the logs was about Taiwan wanting to launch KnightOnline on 2002.09 and because of the bugs and delays they found in the Korean version around 2002.08, they had to delay the launch for Taiwan which launched 3 months later on 2002.12. During that time, they did more contracts with different countries, such as China, USA, Japan etc… which also launched their own KnightOnline servers. Take as note, that these companies who did the contracts with MGame, never bought, touched or had the source code. All they had, is the binaries of the server files and client side and if they wanted extra features and weapons, they needed to request for MGames developers which obviously costed them more money(this is how most of Developers Corporation companies with big contracts work). The fact that we have the source code around, is because someone was actually hacking MGames servers and downloaded the source code, chat logs, manuals, documentation and many more... What you guys think about this? Link to MGame History: [Hidden Content]
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    I take it you're probably already aware of NetGame and Hero Online too? They also depend on the Korean MGame for updates. Knight Online, Hero Online, and Ares Online / Repent Online all use a very similar game engine. It is also quite simple to convert some of the content files back and forth from the different games as well. Repent Items: [Hidden Content] Repent Item in Knight Online: [Hidden Content]