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  2. do not miss the beta part !!!
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  4. WTB Buy Rogue Kro set +7 and GB

    Buy rogue Kro set+7 and Archer ıtems and gb wıth waıtıng for offers for $ Whstp: +50761207773
  5. Ebenezer.log

    Awesome! Glad to hear it sort out and thanks for the update!
  6. best myko is coming back soon !!
  7. Ebenezer.log

    Been kinda working with him on it... an update on it all. He is using pre-packed binaries, but all from different Turkish “developers” do some communicate and some don’t. He was also running two stars dupe scanner along side the item manager and I believe this was causing an issue as well. Seems to be running somewhat fine with the new setup which was just me removing the item manager and adding Twos billing server.
  8. Ebenezer.log

    That sound really funky. Never heard of this case before, so i can't really help on this one unfortunately. All i can suggest, is when things like that happens, best is to document it or making a quick video describes the problem(OBS perfect for this and open-source) as it's going to help you getting more answers or ideas by making more people here understands and see what is actually happening there and probably some others future encounters who will reach out your topic and find it useful.
  9. Ebenezer.log

    My ID skype.. +60148587269 Or MalaysiaKO server
  10. Ebenezer.log

    So you are putting your server up and it’s being attacked and hence this error is being given. This sounds a lot like an exploit that was used on 1299 but was patched, send me your skype and maybe we can figure this out, I imagine he is using a pre-made program to do it.
  11. Ebenezer.log

    Thank for replying.... The story of my server was attacked by ddos or other by someone i dont know what they use...then giving log from ebenezer like spam log...then ebenezer going crash..and yes i am using binaries release version 1310-1351 i did patch asm with no errors i dont know why it's appear anonying for example from 0 .log will be going 20mb in a minutes.. 2018-3-14 18:56, #### RefreshSidList - refresh sid count=0 ####
  12. Ebenezer.log

    He’s using “1331” or 1.311 and I believe this throws out that “error” if you have less than 10 users in the game, is it causing your ebenezer to crash? As Gilad said, need a bit more information.
  13. Ebenezer.log

    You probably want to add more details to your question if you want to get a proper answer, such as telling us which sources are you using ? or are you using the binaries(released files)? if so, then from which topic you downloaded them? If you have sources, then you should just do advance search in Visual Studio (CTRL + SHIFT + F) and select the "Entire Solution" option and then search for the log message: "#### RefreshSidList - re" and see what the code does. If you can't really read the code, paste the code here and we can probably answer to you why these log messages appear in your ebenezer.log. P.S: This log message is terrible... It should definitely have more concrete information whoever implemented this. Sid can be many things, I'm just guessing it could be related to monsters or npcs tables being loaded as they normally use in the database sSid for defining the monsters and npcs id's.
  14. Ebenezer.log

    Version 1351 Need Help ebenezer.log why it's appear 2018-3-14 18:56, #### RefreshSidList - refresh sid count=0 #### 2018-3-14 18:56, #### RefreshSidList - refresh sid count=0 #### 2018-3-14 18:56, #### RefreshSidList - refresh sid count=0 #### 2018-3-14 18:56, #### RefreshSidList - refresh sid count=0 #### 2018-3-14 18:56, #### RefreshSidList - refresh sid count=0 #### 2018-3-14 18:56, #### RefreshSidList - refresh sid count=0 #### 2018-3-14 18:56, #### RefreshSidList - refresh sid count=0 #### 2018-3-14 18:56, #### RefreshSidList - refresh sid count=0 ####
  15. Other Selling Elite Rogue Items

  16. Hello, Knights One of the greatest game of all is coming back soon. They are planing to open a BETA server on 23 of March and test the server, give many prizes as possible. After testing the server OFFICIAL will be online on 30 of March. here is a link to our forum [Hidden Content] you can follow the server on facebook [Hidden Content] ask any questions you want there is share/like event on right now !!!
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  18. Greetings Knights,Titan is a Free-to-play MMORPG.You can easily reach the max level (85)and achieve unique skills only on titan, farm some items such as TIER swords daggers, mace and shields, and you will be ready to fight in the PVP area Colony Zone all day long!We have some awesome event like CSW, Killing Race, Lunar wars, BDW , Forgotten Temple,Vs Events , Kill Gm Event , Find Gm , Pm Gm , NP/Boss Events.Special event held by the GM Team.You can start with starter rent items that you can rent it 7 days if is your accounts less 30k nps (Best earring - best rings - best belt - best medal).Web site : [Hidden Content] Page : [Hidden Content] : [Hidden Content] topic : [Hidden Content] link : [Hidden Content]
  19. New Users will gain :+1 billion expGolden MattockOreads Voucher ( auto loot) NP Increase Scroll Exp Premium for free! please write us if you want to these items from facebook : facebook.com/epochko Server never will be restarted or closed! PANEL : Epoch KO HomeKO Soacs Facebook : [Hidden Content] Client : Epoch KO HomeKO Soacs Original Soacs Anti-Cheat 2xxx Skin 1977 Home KO Epoch KO will be launched in 9 March 20:00 +3 GMT 5 Days Beta Has been completed! EXP(Not Premium)in 2 days 70 levelin 4 days 80 levelin 6 days 83 level CZ has 3 times more exp from monster!DROPOriginal HomeKO DropsPet is activeSome Active SystemsPet (auto loot also works)Quests are just like USKOGenie ( Free ) Monster Stone Buying Merchant Rebirth System Chaos BDW JR Bifrost Mining (GEMS (low rate)) Fishing Letter Upgrade Ratios BUS +1 -> +2 %100 +2 -> +3 %100 +3 -> +4 %75 +4 -> +5 %50 +5 -> +6 %30 +6 -> +7 %15 +7 -> +8 %5 Trina multiplies success rate by 2 Rebirth %25 constant %50 with karivids Special Event Tournament! 8vs8 & 1vs110,20,30 every month. On-Game Party TournamentsAt least 16 parties are required for the Event.8vs8 Tournament Awards1st Party 125$ prizes and each2000 KC member,2. Each member of the Party1500 KC will be distributed,3. Each member of the Party1000 KC will be distributed,1vs1 Tournament Awards1. Mouse + Keyboard + 3500 KC2.3500 KC3.2500 KC Mining And Fishing!CHAOS-------BDW----------JR 11:00-------02:45-------13:00 16:00-------09:30-------17:00 20:00-------00:00-------19:00 02:10------------------------------- WARs FIRST WEEK CLOSE -----Monday-Tuesday-ThursdayBetween 21:00 and 22:00CSWWednesday 22:00 Sunday 21:00Monster Stone! Chaos! GENİE !
  20. WTS Khanjar+7

    Hi, Selling Khanjar+7 Pm me ingame: Spicy or send a pm here
  21. C/C++ Increasing item num size.

    Thanks for your answers! I kind of understand. It is like the heart of the code, making a small mistake can do more bad then good, since much newer version take a larger step toward memory usage and that is just the beginning. However like you said, full control of the project with good c++ understanding it is possible. I've assumed to get such answer, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks again.
  22. TitanKO Light Farm/PK

    Video tutorial how easy start on TITAN.
  23. C/C++ Increasing item num size.

    My answer to that probably won’t give you a straight forward answer, but what I can tell from head, that MGames put a lot of though into the item id’s structure. Many of these items ids are unfortunately hardcoded to the server (if not the client at newer versions). So, you would probably need to really ask yourself if you want to go that road, as it might need to do a lot of code refactoring and of course have full control on the overall project. Good skills in C++ helps, but not that much when it comes to overall knowledge of the source code. In my opinion It’s just too much hassle to handle all these things through the source and database when this feature is not mandatory. There are always ways to work around these and I think they set this range of id’s with the though that it’s probably enough id’s to have unless you’re using it the wrong way. It might be that there is something that I'm not aware about that is already implemented in the newer versions, so i can say that I'm just answering from the 12xx point of view to avoid confusion.
  24. C/C++ Increasing item num size.

    From my understanding subtypes haven’t changed all that much in terms of increasing anything, so I imagine it would be rather difficult to pull off.
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